General provisions

All persons entering the campsite are obliged to comply with the provisions of these Regulations and the Spanish and Junta de Extremadura legislation regulating tourist camping.


In the campsite office you will find information on the regulations and information that is considered to be of interest to campers.

Reception and opening hours.

Reception is open from 9.00 am to 2.00 pm and from 5.00 pm to 9.00 pm. If the reception is closed, you can choose a pitch and check in later. Pitches must be vacated before 12 noon. Tents are available from 17.00 hours and must be vacated by 12.00 hours. If you arrive earlier, you can already use the campsite facilities.

Right to admission and stay

The Camping El Merino will not be admitted, or will be expelled with the help of the agents of the authority if necessary, when there is a well-founded presumption that they are going to breach the rules of coexistence, morality or decency, or intend to enter or enter the campsite for purposes other than to carry out the activities of the establishment.



The right of admission is also reserved for those whose belongings occupy or are going to occupy spaces that are manifestly disproportionate to the number of people who will use them. Admission will not be granted to those who are indebted to the Company for services rendered previously and whose amounts have not been paid in due time.

Entry register

To enter the campsite it is MANDATORY to present the corresponding National Identity Card or Passport.

Location of tents, caravans and similar

Tents, caravans and vehicles may only be pitched on sites designated by the campsite management.

Changes of location must be authorised. The pitch is available to the client from 12 noon on the day of arrival. Departure must take place before 12 noon.

It is not permitted to install fences, fences or awnings on the plots or to tie up trees, as well as any other element for which prior authorisation has not been obtained.
It is not permitted to carry out any kind of act that may damage or harm the property, hygiene or appearance of the campsite.

The plot must be left in good condition.

Camping behaviour

Camping el Merino is especially suitable for campers who want to enjoy nature and tranquillity in an idyllic location.
- There is no room for groups;
- There are no fixed seasonal pitches;
- Do not play music or television at full volume;
- Be quiet after 23.00 hours;
- Keep absolute silence from 00.00 hours until 8.00 hours the following morning;
- Between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. it is forbidden to drive on the campsite.

Electrical connections

The electrical connection is 6 amps, and will be paid for each day of stay at the campsite. You are only entitled to use a single socket.

Under no circumstances may consumption exceed the maximum power of 6 amps, and therefore the connection of electrical appliances that together exceed this contracted power is prohibited, as well as the manipulation of the installation for this purpose. Outdoor private lighting must be switched off at 24:00 hours.


Dogs are welcome, as long as they do not cause any nuisance, are always kept on a lead, even on the pitch, and their droppings are cleaned up by the owner. Dogs are not welcome in the glamping tents, near the sanitary building and the swimming pool.

The entry of animals that are clearly dangerous or cause a nuisance to campers is forbidden. In this sense, dogs considered dangerous breeds according to Spanish legislation are forbidden to enter the campsite. We recommend that dogs are vaccinated against kennel cough.

It is the owner's obligation to take the animal with him/her when travelling, and the animal may not be left alone in the campsite at any time. During the night, they will remain inside the tent, caravan, motorhome, mobile home or corresponding camping element.

It is forbidden to feed wild cats. Please respect the wild animals that may be present on the campsite.


The price rates for all concepts will be paid, as appropriate, at the Camping Reception Office.

The payment of the stay has to be made by telematic means available or in cash, by Bizum or bank transfer at the entrance.

Irrespective of the agreed period of permanence, the Company may require customers to pay for services already provided at any time.

**For stays longer than 7 days, the client must pay the amount corresponding to weekly periods **.

The payments for the different stay rates will be calculated per day, according to the number of overnight stays, accruing in any case, as a minimum, the amount corresponding to one day, and it being understood that the last day, or the day of departure, ends at TWELVE HOURS.
Caravans and tents are not allowed without their occupants being on the campsite on a daily basis. If the customer plans to leave the campsite and leave the tent, caravan or vehicle on the campsite, he/she is obliged to inform the reception office, which may accept the absence under certain conditions or force the customer to leave the campsite.

The campsite is classified by the competent authority in a certain category for which the regulations in force require the provision of certain services.

The fees for the entry or stay of people, caravans, tents and vehicles entitle the customer to camp in accordance with these Regulations, and to the use of the aforementioned services in accordance with the following details:

No supplementary payment (camper's rights):
• Drinking water supply
• Rubbish collection
• Toilet facilities
• Use of green areas
• Use of swimming pool
• Use of sinks and washbasins
• Use of hot showers
• Safe deposit box safe-keeping
• First aid kit

Any service that the company provides, without being required by the current Tourist Regulations for the category of campsite assigned to it, is provided on an absolutely voluntary basis. It may, therefore, suspend its provision, totally or partially, at any time; and as long as such suspension does not take place, the user will be required to pay the amount of the corresponding consideration, which will appear at all times in the table or tables of prices displayed to the client, at least in the Reception Office.

Tranquility: hours of rest and silence

Camping el Merino is especially suitable for campers who want to enjoy nature and tranquillity in an idyllic location. Therefore, there is no place for groups and we ask our guests to be considerate of others. The use of sound equipment must be kept to a minimum audible volume, and as a general rule no activities that are disturbing to others may be carried out.
The following hours of rest are declared as rest hours in the campsite:
FROM 23:00 TO 24:00:
During this time, the customer shall avoid all noise, voices, arguments and other sounds that cause a nuisance to neighbours.
During these hours, silence must be respected as much as possible. It is forbidden to turn on TV sets, radios or music, and if there are gatherings of people, they must speak at a minimum volume, avoiding disturbing other campers.


At all times children must be under the supervision of an adult, who will be directly responsible for their actions. At no time may they access the pool without being accompanied by an adult. It is forbidden for them to use the toilets, sinks or washbasins as a play area. At all times parents will be responsible for the actions of their children and will be in charge of their supervision.

Swimming pool

It is not permitted to use the swimming pool outside the established opening hours of 9.00-22.00.

It is compulsory to shower before diving into the pool.
The pool does not have a lifeguard. Pool users use the pool at their own risk. The campsite cannot be held responsible for any accident or personal injury resulting from the misuse of the swimming pool or its surroundings. The campsite cannot be held responsible for theft, damage or loss of personal belongings.

Children under 10 years of age must be accompanied by an adult who assumes full responsibility. The use of sun loungers and chairs is for the entire clientele of the campsite and cannot be reserved.

It is strictly forbidden to bathe with unsuitable clothing: T-shirts, shoes, clothes, towels, etc., and with any type of goggles and/or sunglasses.
Smoking and eating or drinking are not permitted inside the swimming pool.

Animals are not allowed in the pool and its surroundings and the use of bicycles, scooters and other elements that disturb the tranquillity of the pool is not allowed.
Rubbish may not be left in the entire area. Please use the litter bins provided for this purpose.
In the event of inclement weather and storms, customers must leave the pools.

Any behaviour or uncivic act that may disturb other customers will be grounds for immediate expulsion from the pools.
The campsite is responsible for the maintenance of the swimming pools and their facilities. We kindly ask our guests to report any malfunction, breakage or deficiency to the reception desk.

Barbecues and barbecues

Due to the risk of forest fires, it is forbidden to light fires on the pitches and to use any device that causes flames. The campsite has an outdoor kitchen for the use of its guests.


Entry to the camping area is exclusively reserved for users of the campsite. In exceptional cases, if capacity permits, the management, at the client's request and under his/her responsibility, may authorise entry for a limited period of time for family members or friends. They must register at reception and pay the current rate. The vehicle must remain in the car park at the entrance.

Vehicle traffic and parking

Vehicles inside the campsite will be limited to a speed of 10km/h. No vehicles other than those belonging to the clients may circulate. Inside the campsite, the use of vehicles of all kinds will be limited to the access and exit of customers, thus avoiding the use of vehicles for sporting or leisure purposes, especially motorbikes. Motorcycles may not be used to travel to different areas of the campsite.

Queda terminantemente prohibida la circulación de los vehículos de 22:00 a 8:00 horas. Si volviera al camping en este horario, deberá dejar el coche en el parking del camping.
Los clientes observarán las prohibiciones de aparcamiento y evitaran estacionar en zonas que entorpezcan la circulación y acceso de vehículos y personas. Los coches deben estacionarse en los límites de la parcela asignada. En el caso de que lo aparque en otra parcela deberá pagar la tarifa de la parcela extra que esté ocupando.

Glamping tents

The glamping tents are available from 17.00 hours and must be vacated before 12.00 hours. If the customer arrives before 17.00h, he/she can already use the campsite facilities. You can only occupy the glamping tent after you have the entry contract, which specifies the number of accommodations.

The glamping tents are for the exclusive use of the guests staying in them. As a general rule, visitors are not allowed in the glamping tents when they exceed the maximum contracted capacity.

On arrival a basic deposit of 65 € per glamping tent is required and the full amount of the contracted stay will be paid. If everything is correct at the end of the stay, the deposit will be returned in full. In case of damage or lack of cleanliness, the deposit will be deducted.

The glamping tents have an inventory of the equipment available. If any of them are missing, please do not hesitate to inform reception so that they can be replaced.

There is no cleaning service during your stay. Please keep both the tent and the bathroom clean. The deposit may be deducted for lack of cleanliness.

Bed linen is only to be used for the beds in the glamping tent. Bed linen and towels will be changed only once a week of stay, upon request at reception (unless there is a mishap that requires a change). Towels are exclusively for body and hair drying. They are not permitted for use in the swimming pool. Any other use contrary to the aforementioned that causes damage to the towels will be charged to your account.

No smoking inside the glamping tents.
Animals are not allowed in the glamping tents.

Grey water

The campsite has a grey water disposal point. On 18 of the pitches it is possible to use an electricity connection (6 Amp) for a fee. All pitches have a water point.

Other prohibitions

It is forbidden to campers using this campsite:

1. Carrying weapons or objects that could cause accidents.

2. Leaving rubbish outside the containers intended for this purpose, and especially throwing it into fountains or public roads inside and outside the campsite.

3. The use of all types of fireworks in and around the campsite.

4. The installation by customers of elements that do not correspond to the temporary, proper and habitual use of the campsites and/or damage the tourist image of the establishment. Specifically, the installation of floors, fences, sinks, electrical appliances, generators and any other element that, due to its installation, conveys an image of a stay at the campsite will not be allowed on the plots, and its installation by the client will constitute sufficient cause for the termination of the accommodation contract, whatever its type, without the right to any compensation whatsoever.

5. Handling of cars within the Camping site (oil changes, washing, repairs...).


Campers who contravene any of these prohibitions, do not comply with the instructions of the campsite management, do not respect the basic rules of education and social coexistence and, in general, do not respect all the principles of civilised life, WILL BE INVITED TO LEAVE THE TERRACE, and if they do not do so peacefully, they may be EXPELLED from the campsite by the management. All this without prejudice to any financial or other action that may be imposed by the competent authority.


Although the campsite complies with the regulations in force regarding the care and surveillance of the campsite, the company is not responsible for any damage that may occur as a result of actions caused by the campers themselves, or atmospheric incidents and natural catastrophes.
The Camping Company is not responsible for theft, theft or damage of any kind that campers and their belongings may be victims of. Nor will it be liable for damage caused by fires caused by campers or their belongings, atmospheric incidents or any other cause beyond the company's control.


At the campsite reception desk there are official complaint forms where users can register any claims or complaints they may have.

Cancellation policy

In case of changes, cancellation or no-show at the establishment according to the cancellation policy:

If cancelled or modified up to 30 days before the date of arrival, no fee will be charged.

If you cancel or modify the reservation between 7 and 30 days before, 50% of the deposit will be refunded.

In case of cancellation or modification less than 7 days before the day of arrival or in case of no-show, the deposit will be forfeited.x

Any change or cancellation must be requested in writing and must in any case be approved by the establishment. Any cancellation, regardless of how far in advance it is made, will generate a charge of 10 € as a processing fee. Any bank charges that may be incurred will be deducted from the refund.

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